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The Training Lab located in Westgate is a premium functional fitness facility out West. A business owned by Hayden Pye-Redfearn who has a passion for fitness, helping others achieve their goals, the community and Health and Fitness. 
The team know that fitness, mindfulness, body correction and diet are key to a happy, healthy, and vibrant life. They live and breathe it. They offer Functional Fitness, Weightlifting, Personal Training and Osteopathy. We are looking to create a one stop shop for all things health, fitness and well-being.
Your health and wellbeing is our top priority so we want you to be “Fit for Life” by creating everyday fitness with our team of qualified health and fitness professionals. This is the right place to achieve your health and fitness goals.

At The Training Lab, our approach is what makes us the best value in West Auckland. We asked ourselves what is vitally important to our members, and we arrived at a method that is efficient and effective. It doesn’t matter if you have never worked out before or are just ready to take it to the next level. At The Training Lab, we will help you get where you want to go.

Please book in your free trail and see what The Training Lab experience is all about. (Free Trial link above)

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M e e t  T h e  C o a c h e s




Member and Coach since?

I became a member of CrossFit West Auckland in February 2016 and did my coaching certificates in June 2017. Two of the best decisions of my life as I know now where both decisions have got me.

Why do you love coaching this method of training?

I love coaching because it is so rewarding, the enjoyment you get from teaching a member a new lift, rope climb or pull up is priceless. The fact that people put their own health and fitness into your hands is an amazing feeling and I’m so happy that I get to call this my job.

What do you love about Functional fitness as a whole?

It is so much more than just a sport or form of training, people know that it is all about the community and family. Health and Fitness is the cherry on top.

What is the best part of the TTL family?

TTL is more than just a gym, with our own in house Osteo and on hand nutritionist we are a one stop shop for health, fitness and well being. This is evident in the membership numbers and we pride ourselves on that family feeling within the community.





Being an Osteo?

Cam has a deep understanding of the body developed through graduating from a Bachelor of Applied Health Science and Masters of Osteopathy. His holistic approach will assist you in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and can accommodate those who have an interest in improving their performance.


Why do you love coaching this method of training?

The constant variation of workouts working all muscle groups with a good mixture of strength and conditioning made it appealing. While being able to help members with their own fitness journey.


What do you love about  Functional fitness as a whole?

I started my fitness journey shortly after lifting weights in the school gym for the first time with no structure or motivation in the workouts. A couple of months later, tired of doing constant beach muscle workouts I saw the CrossFit Games on ESPN and had to jump in a class and give it a go. Love the group environment and the way you can push yourself to the next level.


What is the best part of the TTL family?

TTL has a great community of like minded people who want to improve their health and reach their fitness goals. I’m fortunate enough to progress members skills, fitness and strength through coaching which also keeps me on my toes when I jump into class workouts. I like that everyone is on their own journey and how each movement can be scaled down so that no matter what level of strength or fitness everyone is lying on the ground after a good workout.




Brought up in Mt Albert and went to Avondale College. Played rep level basketball growing up and also tried to play rugby. Studied a Sport and Rec at uni where I went onto running boot camps and CrossFit Gyms. Was also the physical education officer in the NZ police.

Why do you love coaching the method of training?

I love coaching because I get to help people move better and become healthy at the same time as making people laugh by taking the piss.


What do you love about Functional fitness as a whole?

We get to move our bodies in different ways and get to push our limits with the support of your friends around you.


What is the best part of the TTL family?

The best part of TTL is the supportive and fun environment the gym has. You can have a laugh, sweat, give some high fives and bum slaps then go and enjoy your day.




Grew up around the coast of Gisborne, went to Lytton high school, played rugby, surfing and motocross. Help manage the KTM and Husqvarna motocross team helping develop/mentor young up and coming riders. Father to a son


Why do you love coaching this method of training?

It’s a chance to teach the everyday person to achieve something amazing.


What do you love about Functional fitness as a whole?

I love it because there is always something to master or achieving something that you thought would not have been achievable. 


What is the best part of the TTL family?

Competitive and Community, as there is always someone there to motivate you and push every week.




Born in Invercargill and brought up in Hobsonville where I attended Westlake Boys High School. Grew up playing rugby and racing go-karts around New Zealand. Studied an Electronics Engineering Degree and am currently working as an Avionics Technician in the Royal New Zealand Air Force, where I have been lucky enough to travel all around the world on the C130-Hercules. I have represented my service playing rugby throughout NZ and overseas.

Why do you love coaching this method of training?

I love coaching because I get to motivate and support people with their health and fitness journey. Helping others feel better about themselves both physically and mentally is what inspires me to coach. I enjoy being able to coach people new movements and help improve their mobility and technique, giving them more confidence in their lifting abilities. Seeing the development and progression of the members that I coach, along with the smiles on their faces when they hit a PB, learn a new skill or smash out a workout is one of the most rewarding parts of being a coach.


What do you love about Functional fitness as a whole?

I started my journey halfway through 2020 and haven’t looked back. I’ve always played a lot of sport growing up and have always been super competitive so when I first started CF I instantly became hooked on it. There’s always a new skill to learn or develop which keeps me motivated and driven to train harder. What’s great about this is that everyone can do it as it can be scaled down to suit each individual. Partaking in a simple WOD can quickly humble you and have you lying on the floor after which is something you can’t get in a regular gym. There’s no better feeling than hitting a new PB on a lift when you’re surrounded by likeminded people in the gym cheering you on. Being able to compete against yourself and others pushes you beyond what you think you’re capable of which is another reason why this form of training is so great. 


What is the best part of the TTL family?

The TTL community are very welcoming and are always ready to put in the mahi whether it be rain or shine. It’s always a good vibe and a great escape for everyone from everything else that is happening in the world. Spirits are always high and the banter is great.